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Tranquil Light Photography

Tranquil Light Photography

Photographer & Writer ~ Roxy Whalley


Roxy was born in the small town of Macclesfield, in Cheshire, England. Her childhood was spent exploring the beautiful English countryside, the rugged coastal shorelines, and the mountains of Wales and Scotland. She was a tomboy, and often fell out of trees, brought home smelly critters, and frequently got a little too muddy for her mothers liking. As a teenager she longed to travel overseas, and so in 1985 she moved to the United States and acquired a green card, then in 2010 she became a US Citizen.

Roxy lives a nomadic lifestyle so that she can spend as much time as possible outdoors, and strives to capture the amazing beauty of nature both in images, and in her poetry, articles, and stories from the road via her blog Nomad for Nature. In this manner she hopes to share the astounding beauty of the natural world with anyone who feels the need to escape from the daily hum. Please join her as she steps over her threshold into the great outdoors and the American wilderness.

Every time Roxy raises her camera to take a picture she knows she's going to capture an intimate moment with nature, and be able to enjoy the image forever, and her hope of hopes is that somebody else will share that rare moment through the images she brings back.


By the Ocean

Rocky Mountain National Park Scenery


Canyonlands National Parks

Utah & Arizona & Red Rock Country excl Canyonlands NP

Native American Ruins

Pictographs & Petroglyphs

Sunset and Sunrise

Fall and Autumn

Yellowstone National Park

Colorado & Estes Park

Rivers Lakes Waterfalls

Black and White

Flowers and Trees

Wildlife and Birds

Snow Scenes